The Recovery Phase from A Hip Replacement Surgery

As far as the recovery is concerned it depends upon an individual to another along with the type of surgery being performed as well. It would be really important to pay a lot of attention to the advice which the doctor provides you about the hip.
Once the surgery is over you will be lying on the back with a pillow positioned in between your legs. This would ensure the correct position of the hip on all counts. Here the nursing staff will go on to monitor the progress of your wound. There will be a large bandage that is kept on the leg so that the wound you can protect. After the surgery is over you will be allowed to drink something. In most cases, you are also allowed to eat an hour after the surgery. Once done the staff will help you to recover and walk fast the moment surgery is over. If it did happen to be an invasive surgery, then the chances are that on the same day of the operation you will be able to walk.

At the starting phase, you are going to feel a bit uncomfortable. Here the hands or feet might be swollen. The chances are that injection would be given so that blood clots do not go on to emerge in your legs. In some case dose of antibiotics is also given so that it does go on to prevent any form of infections as well. The therapist will advise on what are the exercises you would need to undertake so that the hip is strengthened. In fact, you will be advised on what needs to be done after an operation. You will be taught how to sit and bend forward once a hip replacement surgery is over.

In the hospital, you are going to stay there for 3 to 5 days. It would boil down to the progress being made along with the type of surgery you are planning to have. If you happen to be fit and healthy, then the chances are that the surgeon may ask you to opt for an advanced recovery programme. Here you would be discharged on the same date of the surgery and you will be walking with a couple of days once the surgery is over.

There is nothing to be worried if you are really tired after the surgery. Do consider the fact that you have had a major surgery and the hip would go on to take some time to heal. Do take the advice of your GP or doctor if you have concerns about the surgery. At this point in time, you may need some form of help. It would be better if you could arrange for someone for a week to help you. The therapist would provide you with a set of exercises. This would be a very important aspect of the process of recovery. Once you reach your home, it is suggested that you go on to continue them.