What Is An Action Station?

In any event, the quality of the food being served is always considered to be one of the factors that determines whether it will be a hit or miss. At present, the preferences of guests have now changed from quality of food alone to also looking for creativity and variety. Everyone wants to see something interesting in an event, and one of the ways to do so is to place action stations.
Action stations add spice to your celebrations.

Action stations are assigned areas in events where guests can see the food being prepared right in front of their eyes. There is an extraordinary feeling of delight when you see a perfect slice of meat being cooked according to your specifications. Action stations are not only limited to savory foods. Seeing how desserts such as ice cream or pastries are prepared gives joy to guests as well.
What makes action stations a big hit in events?
  • Action stations make events more memorable.
Aside from the wonderful decorations of the venue, action stations help make your event an occasion that is worth remembering. Being able to personally witness a chef display his skills in order to make a sumptuous meal is definitely one for the books.
  • Action stations encourage interaction among the guests.
One of the disadvantages of having food served in the table is that it prevents the guests from mingling with the other people in the room. Action stations will make everyone get up from their seats to check out the food. In doing this, interaction with other people will be encouraged.
  • Action stations are preferred by guests with different preferences in food.
Being able to see and talk to the chef personally will allow the guests to request the chef to cook and prepare their food the way they want it. They can also ask for smaller or bigger portions so that they will truly enjoy the food that is being prepared for them.
If you decide to incorporate action stations in your event, make sure that it is set up in such a way that your guests will see themselves as part of the process in terms of deciding on the ingredients or the presentation of the food. You can also make it interactive by having them perform the steps of cooking the food by themselves. If it is your first time in creating an action station, it is best to consult a trustworthy catering company to help you execute the action stations you have in mind.

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