4 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Whey Supplement

Whey based health drinks have taken the world of health and wellness by storm. Everyone in the community is gushing over the impact Whey has on the body and especially when body builders or aspiring hard gainers drink it. Experts and nutritionists recommend taking clean Whey drinks in a controlled quantity about 3 times a day to attain visible gains. With several formulations in the market, it seems like Whey proteins manage to take over the throne every single time. What do you actually know about this amazing protein sources? Your answer might just be limited to things like assures recovery, facilitates muscle gains, and similar stuff. Now, high time you encounter facts about your favourite health drink that you do not know or pay less attention to. Here are 4 facts you must know about your favourite Whey based drinks:
  1. Lactose Intolerance
Whey, as many of you might know, is the translucent liquid part of milk that is collected post coagulation and curd removal as a part of the cheese manufacturing procedure. This clearly means that if you are lactose intolerant then consuming whey can give you zits, gas, bad digestion, and problems in your Poop Paradise.  However, proper knowledge and choicest picks can save you from disaster. A supplement with clean Whey Protein Isolates is an answer for body builders who have hard time digesting milk products. The only small disadvantage is that these supplements might have a lower amount of peptide bonds owing to denaturation procedure involved.

  1. Fat Shedding
No doubt, people still mix up the bodybuilding and fat loss ideologies. Surprisingly, these two things are poles apart and you can attain either of the goals without compromising on your overall build up. Usually, supplements help you gain mass or weight but Whey based drinks aids in muscle gains and you lose on the stubborn flab. Health drinks formulations with Whey Protein Isolates contain comparatively a higher number of active bioactive compounds that boosts your workout performance. Moreover, the dietary supplements with higher dose of BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) curbs hunger by decreasing the levels of Ghrelin, your hunger hormones and as a result aids in weight loss. In the end, you would gain muscle mass and lose flab.

  1. Acne & Pimples
The aforementioned pointer suggests that if you are lactose intolerant then Whey Protein Isolate can be a better option. Speaking of lactose issues, you will be surprised to know that Whey might trigger sebum production, follicular epithelial growth, keratinisation and sebaceous secretion. According to a study by Brazilian Society of Dermatology, which was later published on the official website of US National Library of Medicine, Whey might trouble few adults with acne and skin issues. The research was conducted on individuals aged between 18-45 years, who were intense hard gainers and gym rats. The study revealed that these adults experienced acne lesions in the first month of consumption but observed reduced frequency from the following months. If you are battling with acne, then you must consider a controlled consumption of whey and speak to your nutritionist for further assistance.

  1. Diabetes & Whey
Diabetes has plagued a larger portion of the human race with every second individual beside you battling the race with glucose levels. Call it a curse of the modern lifestyle, young adults and men/women exceeding 40 years of age report of having type2 diabetes the most. However, a disease should not stop you from reaching your bodybuilding goals. You must workout, lose weight, and can safely consider consuming Whey. As per an excerpt of a study published on the official website of the Global Diabetes Council, Whey increases insulin secretion and regulates blood sugar when consumed post-meal. Moreover, presence of an amino acid L-cysteine, aids in glutathione synthesis, one of the body’s most important antioxidant. This results in reduction of Oxidative Stress, which is a major cause of insulin resistance.

A Short Note

Whey Protein sources can do wonders for your body and can help you achieve all the workout goals you have in mind right now. However, the only catch is the selection of the finest and cleanest source of the substance. Further, the verdict would be to address the concern under the aegis of your gym instructor and a nutritionist. You can reach out to a trusted online store for best Whey supplements or visit some offline stores for help.

Author Bio
Vineeta Tiwari is a Health & Wellness writer for past 4 years. A fitness freak herself, she is on a constant mission to explore hidden facts and remedies that benefits people’s health and their lives overall. Her current post talks about the lesser-known facts about whey that people miss on. Currently, she is associated with an emerging & popular health supplement website Healthxp.in.