How To Remove Algae From Your Roof

Depending on where you live, there are chances that you have seen some unsightly dark stains on the shingle roof of your house. While some people may think this is as a result of an accumulation of dirt, in most cases you will be dealing with algae which is normally spread by airborne spores. That algae itself may not do much to damage the roof of the house but you can be sure that it will mar the overall appearance of the house thereby recuing its resale value. This is why you need to learn everything you should know about roof cleaning methods and how you can benefit from them.

Areas susceptible to algae stain: In many cases, you will not see algae anywhere directly below the metal flashings that surround roof vents or chimneys. The reason for this is that the zinc and copper coatings that are found on the galvanized sheets do not tolerate the growth of algae. For people who did their roofing not too long ago, you must have realized that roof manufacturers are now adding copper granules into their roofing products so as to make them resistant to algae. You may want to try these new products if you live in an area that is susceptible to algae growth. You may want to compare the cost of these new roofing products with the cost of roof cleaning.       

Chemical roof cleaning: There is a better way of dealing with algae on the roof even though they could return later. An occasional roof cleaning using chemicals will not do any harm to the roof of your house. However, trouble may be when you use some harsh chemicals; some of these chemicals have a corrosive effect especially when they are used with high pressure washing machines which will definitely damage or shorten the lifespan of your asphalt shingles. You need to be careful when choosing your roof wash contractor so you can be sure they use only those chemicals that are environmentally friendly.    

Professional roof cleaning: The best way to deal with a roof that has been infested by algae is the use of no pressure roof cleaning that is done by professionals from roof cleaning companies. These experienced workers know the skills that are required to do roof cleaning safely, efficiently and effectively. The frequency of roof cleaning will be determined by the weather conditions of the area where you live. You also want to avoid the contactors who use washing products that are not eco-friendly. Chlorine bleach based products can damage the roof eventually apart from the fact that they are also dangerous to the plants in your yard and they may also pollute water sources.