Summer Seafood Grilling Options

With summertime’s arrival we find ourselves bringing out our BBQ grills more frequently than during those cold and dreary winter months.  Of course hamburgers and hotdogs are always a picnic favorite.  Steaks and chicken breasts are also an easy and safe option for those times you are grilling for others, but perhaps don’t know their dietary needs or desires.  But what are some other ideas for a fresh new grilled dinner?  Seafood can make an excellent and delicious change of pace!  Below are a few quick ideas to include in your grilling recipe box:

  1. Shish kabobs – Fun, colorful and easy to make, kabobs are a favorite no matter what protein you use. Add some colorful veggies for flavor and visual appeal. The best seafood to use for kabobs are denser fish such as tuna or shark, jumbo scallops or shrimp.  Soak in your favorite marinade overnight for a bolder more intense flavor.
  1. Fish steaks or filets – Many kinds of fish are great when grilled. If they are they denser fish you can easily cook them directly on the grill.  If it is a flakier fish you may need to get a fish grill or pan.  These allow you to be able to cook flakier or more delicate fish.  There are many ways you can flavor your fish.  Try a new rub or marinade.  Glaze with butter and your favorite herbs.  Brush on olive oil and sprinkle lemon pepper on each side.  Though it is traditionally used on crabs, you might try playing with Old Bay, a unique and bold dry flavoring.
  1. Fish filets on a cedar plank – If you are interested in trying another fun way to cook your fish, consider cooking them on cedar planks. You first need to soak the planks before putting your fish on the grill.  However, it infuses the essence of smoked cedar (you can use mesquite planks, too).  By soaking the planks in water it helps prevent them from burning themselves, but also causes them to smoke some, thus giving some of the smoky flavoring to your fish.  Use mild flavorings on these fish so you can enjoy the smoky, wood flavoring from this grilling option!
  1. Salmon burgers – You probably have enjoyed plenty of salmon on the grill in your lifetime (and who hasn’t had a burger of some sort or another), but how about giving the salmon burger a shot? Similar to a hamburger or turkey burger, you grind up your salmon and blend it with some breadcrumbs, spices and a binding agent.  As these burgers are a bit more delicate than a hamburger you may want to cook it on a fish screen or fish grilling pan to make sure it doesn’t fall through the wires of the grill.  That would be a major party foul for sure!
  1. Whole grilled jumbo shrimp – It may sound odd, but try taking whole shrimp or prawns, roll them around in salt and throw them directly on the grill. Their shells will protect the flesh of this delicious meal.  Cook until orange similar to any other way you cook shrimp.  Once cooked, rip off the heads.  Eat those if you enjoy them or toss them aside.  Peel the rest of the shrimp.  As the salt is getting on your fingers while you peel, it will transfer to the flesh as you are holding it, thus seasoning it.  This is delicious and best done with fresh shrimp (not ever previously frozen).  Though I imagine it would taste good regardless we certainly prefer the freshest for the best flavor.

Written by the staff at Willie’s Pub and Pool. Willie’s has great drink specials and is one of the most atmospheric bars Columbia MO has to offer.