General Types Of Motorbike Accidents and Personal Injury Lawyers

Single motorbike accidents, left and U-turn accidents, drunk driving, and breaching the cycle rider’s right of way rule are most common kind of motorcycle accidents.

In accordance with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 4,613 motorbike accident deaths in 2014. Just about half of all motorbikes that were engaged in serious motorcycle accidents get hit with a different vehicle. Texas got the second highest figure involving motorbike accidents in the country with 411 and Florida comes next with 426 deaths. A few of the most common kind of motorbike accidents are described below in a few words.

On certain occasions, road risks cause a motorbike to collide with a road obstacle and the rider to lose balance of the bike, particularly when the riding is running with high speed. Defective equipments may also give rise a biker to lose balance. Furthermore, motorbikes have more chances than other vehicles to get involved in a deadly accident with a road obstacle as said by the NHTSA.

Riding with high speeding or riding after drinking alcoholic beverage gives rise to a lot of unnecessary accidents. For example, riding with high speeding at the same time as coming near to road turn may make a rider to lose balance of the bike or get the wrong idea about the turn, take too large turn, and reach in front of the approaching traffic. Just about 35% of the motorcycle riders killed in such accidents in Texas in 2014 were riding after drinking, in accordance with NHTSA.

Such accidents can be assigned to the reality that motorbikes are, in many cases not easy to run in busy road. In addition, a few drivers may get the wrong idea about a motorbike’s speed or distance from the traffic circle, or may just try to pass the traffic circle in small time desiring to leave motorcycle behind.

On certain occasions, it may occur that a vehicle passes over a motorcycle’s path if it gets in or leaves a side road or about to cross. In all such conditions, the motorcycle rider’s right of way might be breached by the different vehicle and give rise to an accident. These breaches may take place due to difficulty discovering a motorcyclist who is getting in a highway or around.

A motorbike can already have more problems to recognize road conditions than regular vehicles and other big vehicle, but the difficulty may be worse when the motorist get the attention diverted and/or could not check an invisible spot prior to changing lanes.

General sources of unfocused driving are:
  • Mobile phone;
  • Figuring build-in car devices such as GPS or stereos; and
  • Talking with people in the car.

Call an personal injury lawyer for help with a motorcycle accident Claim 

By bad luck, quite a few motorcycle accidents are happening due to a motorcycle rider’s negligence during the road. Motorcycle riders who have got involved in an accident due to the neglectful action of a different person are entitled to get settlement by bringing a accident at work Compensation claims.

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