Compensation Claims – Personal Injury In London

Like all personal injury lawyers, personal injury solicitors in London with the correct accreditation will have the experience and expertise to provide injured parties with the legal aid they need to gain compensation. Regardless of your accident or type of injury, an experienced personal injury lawyer should be able to provide you with the support you need to gain financial compensation for pain and suffering, as well as the financial support needed to cover any additional bills or loss of income.

Personal injury lawyers in London regularly provide local residents with legal help they need to pursue their cases, as well as the financial agreements that are required for some to feel confident enough to proceed with their case. Although there are some London residents who are able to pay for their legal fees upfront, there are others who are unable to afford expert legal advice without help. With many London personal injury solicitors, this comes in the form of a no win, no fee agreement. 

No Win, No Fee in London 

Many personal injury solicitors in London offer a no win, no fee compensation claim agreement that provides those with little or no spare funds to pursue their compensation case without the burden of financial responsibility. In many cases, the claimant will be responsible for paying for legal support, but no win, no fee agreements ensure than no legal costs are payable until the compensation is successful received, ensuring that claimants are not left out of pocket. 

Another benefit of the no win, no fee agreement is that potential claimants can receive advice regarding their claim before they have even begun pursuing their claim. This can ensure that victims of personal injuries do not spend a large amount of time pursuing a claim that they are not eligible to make. With a no win, no fee agreement, all of this advice is free and available to anyone who believes they have been the victim of a personal injury. 

Types of Personal Injury Claim in London 

Personal injury solicitors in London deal with a large variety of claims associated with a wide variety of locations. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a claim, any accident that was caused by another party due to negligence is likely to be eligible for a personal injury case. However, the type of accident is likely to affect the amount of compensation that may be received by the victim. Regardless of the amount of financial compensation available, some of the most common cases that are seen in and around London include: 

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Workplace accidents and injuries
  • Workplace illnesses
  • Medical negligence
  • Brain and spinal cord injuries
  • Transport accidents
  • Industrial disease claims
  • Accidents in public places 

All of these, and many other, types of accident are likely to render any victim liable for compensation if they can prove another person was at fault and negligent in their behaviour.

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