The Top 10 Car Brands According To BrandZ

Branding is so important for vehicle manufacturers, as there is money to be made in a marque. Many brands are instantly recognizable, while others are not as widely known. BrandZ has identified the top 10 global car brands by valuation, based largely on customer perceptions, including from people such as yourself. Here’s their list of the top 10 brands and what vehicles of note help propel each brand.

  1. Toyota — The world’s largest automaker is tops and for good reason: they offer stellar quality and value across the model line. No automaker is perfect, but Toyota does have a great selection of cars that people want. The Camry is its best seller followed by the Corolla. Its Prius line of hybrid vehicles outsells all competitors combined.
  1. BMW — It shouldn’t be surprising that a German brand is ranked so high — serious car shoppers enjoy these vehicles for the styling, sophistication and quality that each one brings. BMW has received a lot of press in the past year for its new line of electrified vehicles. The i3 and i8 have proven that BMW can produce a variety of vehicles, although the 3 through 7 series have the highest cachet.
  1. Mercedes-Benz — If it isn’t BMW or Audi, then it is Mercedes-Benz that is catching the attention of European luxury buyers. Mercedes is part of Daimler, the world’s oldest car manufacturer. Top to bottom its line of sedans, coupes and crossover utility vehicles are bullet proof and feature leading-edge design and technologies.
  1. Honda — Car shoppers who consider Toyota usually shop Honda too. That’s a smart move because Honda keeps pace with its larger competitor and holds its own in several categories, including small crossovers. Honda may not have the sales volume of Toyota, but it frequently matches its Japanese rival in quality and value.
  1. Ford — The only US brand on the list belongs to Ford. That shouldn’t be surprising because the company has earned a lot of goodwill through its efficient, yet powerful EcoBoost engine line. But it just may be the Mustang and the upcoming GT super car that have laid a shiny halo over the entire brand.
  1. Nissan — Nissan is the second largest Japanese brand and has routinely trailed Toyota and Honda on most lists. In recent years, the company has worked diligently to overhaul its product line to present many more of the types of vehicles people want. It is paying off too as Nissan’s brand value continues to rise with its Altima line leading the way.
  1. Audi — The brand receiving the greatest jump in critical acclaim is none other than Audi. And for good reason too: its line of utility vehicles is receiving the same reception as its popular A4 and A6 models. Consumers know a good thing when they see it too. And Audi is intent on continuing to deliver what car shoppers want: a premium edge and value.
  1. Volkswagen — The Volkswagen Group will likely overtake Toyota as the largest car manufacturer in the world this year. Its eponymic Volkswagen brand is leading the charge, despite weak sales and a smaller presence in the US. Credit its Golf line with singularly advancing the brand. Other models also shine, but Golf is a brand unto it self.
  1. Land Rover — There is a lot of pent up goodwill with the Land Rover brand, founded in 1948 and seeing much interest in it today. Range Rover is the pinnacle for the brand, a subset of vehicles that help this British marque keep its best foot forward. Its Jaguar consort is also benefiting from all the attention bestowed upon it.
  1. Lexus — Toyota’s luxury brand may come in tenth, but its sterling reputation has it finishing number one in all the top consumer publications. While its brand value may not rival the European makes, customers know that its GS, RC and LS model lines are beyond reproach.

Branding Matters

The top brands offer what people want, including recognition, value and dependability explains Mavis Tire. BrandZ simply recognizes what is apparent — that customers want only the best and routinely flock to the top valued brands.