ALS is one among the common disease which is found in many human beings and this is one of the chronic diseases which attack the nerve cell that controls the muscles movement in our body. Having this disease will reduce the ability to walk, talk, and breath and eat. This is one among the serious disease which takes the life of humans within three or five years. There was no treatment found to cure this disease earlier but there was medication called as riluzole which provides a prolonged life.

What is Deanna Protocol Treatment?

One of the orthopedic surgeon called as Dr. Vincent Tedone developed a new treatment for fighting against the neurodegenerative diseases and this was called as the Deanna protocol. Deanna protocol is a treatment for the ALS disease which is natural, safe and inexpensive. This is one of the effective metabolic programs developed for this disease which helps in slowing down the progression of ALS which can help in extending your life span.

Deanna Protocol Benefits Our Body

There are various methods used in this programs which will help in reversing the progression of their disease. The main goal of the Deanna protocol is to provide energy for the nerve and muscle cells which prevent it from dying. In this program you have to take the Deanna protocol supplements which will prevent the cell death in your body. The Deanna protocol includes the AAKG, NADH, GABA and ubiquinol. Anti oxidants are also used like gluthione or the liposomal. Massaging with the coconut oil helps in enhancing of the energy production in the muscle cells in your body. There are also various exercise produced like aerobic, speech, respiratory exercises. The Deanna protocol helps to provide all these natural elements in your body which helps you to prevent the ALS. This supplement s consists of a list of supplements which is to be taken in multiple doses. There are various sources for you to get these supplements. It is well available in the online stores. All the brands available in the online store are not safe, so select the quality brand which can benefit you. This is one among the treatment which avoids you to take multiple pills. This is also a good treatment for various diseases like Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis Alzheimer’s disease etc. use the Deanna protocol to improve the quality of your life.