It is quite obvious that the support of mankind to animal and vice versa should be. But as far as the medically proven things are concerned, this aspect must be considered by all that the emotional support of dog is found better. The medication and emotional support of pet are two different ways of treating the illness. All the illnesses are not curable by providing emotional support of animals. These are some specific conditions where this therapy works, so better to understand the hairline between emotional treatment and physical medical treatment. In western countries a special drive is in practice where this formula is also adopted as remedial measure. This is not only in the literature but the same is being practiced. For establishing this fact in deeper, some alterations have also been made in the regulations. The housing societies, which do not permit to have a pet, can, also not refuse a person to keep the dog if he/she is having a prescription letter to this effect. On other countries, no such amendments have been made in the regulations. This shows the importance and significance of this treatment. After thorough medical checkups, doctors come on the point that what type of remedial measure will be suited to the individual and accordingly they prescribe.

Can Housing Authorities Reject this Certificate?

This prescription is like an authority letter which all the housing society owners have to obey. Though, the period is also mentioned in that letter and after the stipulated time limit if the problem is not healed up, the duration of emotional support of animal can be increased by the same medical authority. Different companies are also working in this field and they are associating with some psychological agencies to provide mental support to affected person. Various medical authorities, who are empowered to provide the correct certification of animal support, are having some high charges.

Now the things are changed and this facility is also available online. You need to contact the medical agencies and they ask you some related reports. Just send them scan copy of your entire ailment and they will issue you an emotional support animal letter within 45 minutes after scrutinizing your applications and relevant documents. These agencies are officially recognized and empowered to issue such prescription. But normally it is seen that after your examination, the representative of the company will make a review within three days and based on that recommendation, a certificate will be generated for you. This certificate will be valid throughout the country. In case you are going abroad for a long period and want to take along your dog, the same certificate may not be effective in abroad as the laws of that country may be different. You need a special permission to this effect from the concerned embassy. This certificate is having a cost and you can pay the same through any mode. In case you selected online transfer, don’t worry, all the financial transactions to these agencies are quite encrypted and reliable. Important thing about this certificate is that on airports, you don’t need to pay any additional charges if you produced this certificate to the authorities.