It’s not a surprise that most of the students hate writing essays. Of course writing essays are difficult than most of the other academic work that you will do in your school and college. But if you want to fast track your academic career then you better learn the art of essay writing. While some students work hard on their essay writing skills, some simply take advantage of services like The choice is yours, you can either write your own essay or you can get some help from a professional essay writing service. In this article we will discuss why some essays get rejected while others get approved.

  • Bad Structuring:
Proper structuring is extremely important for your essay to get approved. An essay has three basic parts. They are the introduction, the main body and the final part called the conclusion. Every essay must start with a small introduction followed by the main argumentative body and finally the conclusion. Follow this pattern and your essay will look a whole lot better than any other essay. Students who do not follow this pattern end up writing essays that look more like blocks of text. Another important thing to learn is how to write these sections. It is more of an art actually. We advise you to take some guidance from your teacher if you are not sure about how to follow this pattern.
  • Bad Language:
Bad language doesn’t necessarily means spelling mistakes. Of course you must spell check your essay at least twice before making the final submission, the focus here is on the choice of words. Using clever words in rhetorical manner can make your essay look really interesting. It also gives out an impression that the writer is well educated and knows the art of writing. In contrast to this if you choose simple language then it will fail to differentiate your essay from others. Clever use of language also shows that you are serious about making sure that your essay is up to the mark. Try to recall any interesting article that you read a while ago. Find out what made you read the whole article. You will find that it is the presentation of the matter that kept you engaged. Such engaging essays can’t be written with elementary school level language skills.
  • Lack of Proofreading:
No matter how much caution you take while typing or writing your essay, the fact is that you will make a lot of mistakes. If you are using a computer then chances of making mistakes increase exponentially. This is because sometimes the auto correct feature changes the words to some other words. Most of us, when we write, write in full flow and hence such mistakes go unnoticed. If you submit your essay without proofreading it, most probably it will get rejected, owing to the large number of spelling and grammatical mistakes. Once you are done writing the essay, make sure that you proofread it at least twice. There is nothing more annoying than a bunch of spelling mistakes in an otherwise well written essay.