Irish woman victims of the PIP breast implant may fail to benefit from compensation when they do not demand it now, a lawyer has notify of potential danger.

They are given the poor quality silicon breast implants that can now make a new legal case for compensation.

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors prepared to follow the legal action in support of thousands of implant victims through out Europe.

In Ireland only, over 8,000 could get damages of as a minimum €3,000 later than being fixed the implants, a lot of which have damaged abruptly.

But as a consequence of regulations under French law, the closing date for claims may not be more here.

The lawyer told “Victims should not pass time more than necessary in a thoughtless manner. There is going to be a legal deadline that is applicable in France.

“The law states here the deadline of five years to file a cosmetic surgery claim from when the faults were found. Taking to be the case, the faults were made known to the public information in March 2010, which implies March 2015 will be the closing date to file a cosmetic surgery claim.”

By doing something in the cheapest or easiest manner and using silicon employed in mattress manufacturing, PIP put lives of women in danger.

Its head of the company Jean Claude Mas was given penalty of four years in jail for deception and issued a fine of €75,000.

But for the reason that PIP went ruined to the entire extent women have carried on a legal fight to get compensation.

Public health agencies have declared only to take out the implants whenever clinically absolutely essential, leaving a lot of women who live in panic out of pocket once paying to fix them taken out.

When an announcement about the new case was made a victim, 40, expressed: “When I get to know about the news that there was somewhat I could adopt to finish this deeply upsetting dream I was so thankful.

“Now I can expect getting up on the back of my life.”

The cosmetic negligence lawyer said the initial step to claim was informing local authority, who would subsequently direct women through out the legal procedure and help to collect proofs.

He said more: “Just they need to do now is get registered their name and state they have fixed a PIP implant – despite the fact that it wasn’t fixed from Ireland.

“A fund of €3,000 will be awarded to suffered women serving during an intermediate interval, but an additional payment might be awarded following the court ruling next year.”

He added the lawsuit was “a great disgraceful event” and he had fond affection for women to get to know that they were qualified to compensation according to law.

He said more: “Each and every victim woman will need to make their own judgment reached after consideration, but it is of great importance to give them the opportunity.”

The lawyer stated: “The suffered women have been excessively and criminally given medical treatment and we are devoting full strength to get them fair compensation.”

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