Knowing The Different Types Of Equipment Rentals Available

For someone who has never been involved in the use of heavy equipment, discovering it all can be a bit intimidating. If you work in a field where heavy equipment is needed, it is best to learn about it prior to your use. This way you can become well versed in the tools before you need to actually use them.

One of the main reasons why you should become acquainted with the different equipment machines and tools you’ll need to use is so you know what they are. Since the technology used in the construction industry changes on a regular basis, having an idea about what everything is and does will be extremely beneficial. Here is a summary of the main heavy equipment machines:


Knowing The Different Types Of Equipment Rentals Available

Compared to any other machine, the exactor is one that is most often used on construction sites. Because of this, it is easily recognized and is almost always available. The excavator has a long, hydraulic boom arm that characterizes what it is meant to do. Attached to the end of this arm is a shovel used for digging through the ground. Usually, the excavator sits on a pair of tracks. The machine can rotate its body around 360 degrees on its base. Additionally, it comes in varying sizes depending on its purpose. There are small excavators that may be used for small projects, along with large excavators (or dredgers) that need to be fixed in place on a barge or ship.

Dump Truck

Knowing The Different Types Of Equipment Rentals Available

Apart from excavators, dump trucks are also recognizable and may be rented out from different rental companies. The use of dump trucks is to transport loose materials that may not be supported by an open-bed truck. Once the materials are loaded, it is covered so that debris won’t fall out during transport. As soon as the destination has been reached, a hydraulic lift raises the front of the truck bed while the back gate is opened. This allows the transported materials to be left in piles near the area where the construction is occurring.


Knowing The Different Types Of Equipment Rentals Available

Another piece of equipment that you’ll often find at a rental company is a bulldozer, which is a large earthmover that comes with a broad shovel situated in its front. Like the excavator, the bulldozer is mounted on a pair of tracks so that traction may be increased. However, the base of the bulldozer does not rotate in the same way as the excavator does. The purpose of having a bulldozer is so large amounts of earth can evenly be pushed over a space and to break down stone or trees.


Knowing The Different Types Of Equipment Rentals Available

Forklifts are another piece of equipment that is used to transport and lift up large loads. Depending on how much weight you have to move, the forklift you use will vary according to its type. Because of this, forklifts are commonly stocked by heavy equipment rental companies with varying weight limits. You can easily find the one you need for your construction project.

Concrete Mixer

Knowing The Different Types Of Equipment Rentals Available

Concrete mixers are also a common type of equipment machinery that you will find at a rental company. This is a powered device, which mixes cement together with aggregate and water in order to produce concrete. These mixers differ according to the need of the renter since there are different types available. The portable ones are called mini mixers, which are typically used on site. Additionally, large commercial mixing trucks are available to transport concrete to construction sites while concrete is being mixed inside. This allows the concrete to remain soft and easy for application.

In addition to the equipment mentioned in this article, there is also a wide range of tools available at any rental company. There are front-end loaders, backhoes, diggers, conveyors, compactors, spreaders, log splitters, drillers and much more available. The type of equipment you use will depend on things like you location, market demand, existing stock and much more. Each company will supply a different variety to tools, so it is best to plan ahead and find the company that is best for you and your needs.

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